Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia


Sahabat Penyayang is a Volunteer Corp, open to all Malaysians who are interested and prepared to offer voluntary service through programmes coordinated by PENYAYANG.

Sahabat Penyayang has been organized:

  • To offer interested and committed Malaysians the opportunity to volunteers their services through PENYAYANG’s activities
  • To enable PENYAYANG to avail itself of relevant and appropriate human resource to implement its numerous programmes
  • To establish a sub-culture of volunteerism among Malaysians

PENYAYANG requires the services of Sahabat Penyayang to implement community projects such as the following:​

Volunteers or SahabatPENYAYANG are recruited to help PENYAYANG implement these programmes. In conjunction with Festive Seasons, PENYAYANG delivers goodies to the selected families.

Senior Citizen Care
SahabatPENYAYANG visits senior citizens living on their own and offer assistance, such as transportation to the government hospital for their regular appointment. ​PENYAYANG adopted Rumah Sejahtera Seri Kembangan, we pays regular visits to the home.

Volunteer with Sahabat​PENYAYANG