Urban Poor

PENYAYANG aspires to bring cheer and joy to less fortunate and needy Malaysians. Its community development programmes focus on the upliftment of the social economic status of the urban poor.


  • To identify urban poor families and needy individuals as recipients of the programme
  • To do research and to identify the needs of these families
  • To bring cheer to the families especially during festive seasons
  • To collect data on the families for future programmes and for follow up activities


Senior Citizen Care


      Through this programme, volunteers  visit the individual homes of senior citizens who live on their own. Volunteers assist the senior citizens with household chores – such as cleaning, sprucing up their gardens and tidying up their living spaces. Volunteers also attend to special requests,  such as transportation to hospitals for appointments (to the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Office or to the neighborhood grocers).


  • To assist senior citizens who live on their own
  • To facilitate the senior citizens with their chores
  • To create opportunities for Malaysians to volunteer