Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia is a Charity Foundation established on 2 August 2000 to assist Malaysians who are in need.

2. What does PENYAYANG contribute towards the community?

PENYAYANG organises various programmes in the areas of community work, culture and heritage, health and education.

3. Who should I get in touch with regarding charity projects?

For information on charity projects, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 03 8946 0222.

4. Where do I go to check if there is a Vacancy in PENYAYANG?

Please check our social media platform, facebook : YAYASAN BUDI PENYAYANG MALAYSIA for the latest vacancy.

5. How can I donate to PENYAYANG?

For donations, please call 03 8946 0222 for more information. Donations to PENYAYANG are tax-exempted


1. Is there space at PENYAYANG available for event rental? If yes, what is included in the rental package?

Yes, rentals of space is available for events. The Package includes the audio system and facilities such the pantry, washrooms, prayer rooms and parking space.

2. How many floors are available for rent?

The Ground Floor and the First Floor are available for long term rent. The second Floor is available for events. Please call 03 89460222 to check on availability.

3. What are the sizes of the space for events ?

The total size of the 2nd Floor is 9450sqf². (Seminar Room – 17"x21", Meeting Rooms – 17"x21", Multipurpose Hall –51"X57")

4. What type of events are suitable for the Hall ?

The hall is 2907 sq ft and is suitable for meetings, annual general meetings, seminars and small receptions.

5. Do you provide catering services?

We do not have in house catering services but we have a list of recommended caterers. Other caterers may provide their services , subject to adherence to our guidelines.


1. How do I volunteer with PENYAYANG ?

To register as a volunteer, please click here (www.penyayang.org.my/sahabat-penyayang/) or call 03-8946 0222 for more information.

2. Do I have to pay to register as a volunteer ?

There are no charges for registration (free of charge).

3. What is the difference between SAHABAT PENYAYANG AND KELAB PENYAYANG?

Both are Volunteers Corp of PENYAYANG. SAHABAT PENYAYANG is for the public e.g.working adults, retirees and homemakers, and KELAB PENYAYANG is for university students.

4. Will there be training for Volunteers ?

Yes, briefing and training will be conducted for all new volunteers.

5. Is there any payment for the volunteers?

There is no payment for the volunteers. However, volunteers will be given appropriate tokens when relevant and applicable.


1. What is Studio Seri Endon ?

Studio Seri Endon is a batik and craft centre.

2. Can I order customized batik outfits/uniform from STUDIO SERI ENDON?

Yes, you can order customized batik outfits/uniform from Studio Seri Endon. Please call 018 9676794 to speak to our in-house designer.

3. Besides batik, are there any other products at STUDIO SERI ENDON ?

Yes, besides Batik we do have Malaysian made craft items at Studio Seri Endon.

4. Does STUDIO SERI ENDON provide batik design consultation?

Yes, we do provide batik design consultation. Please call 018 9676794 to speak to our in-house designer.

5. How can I go for colouring class?

Classes area available on appointment basis for individuals or groups. You can call to make a reservation.

6. Are products at Studio Seri Endon Malaysian made ?

Yes, products at Studio Seri Endon are handcrafted by leading Malaysian designers, who have won numerous awards, including the Piala Seri Endon.



PENYAYANG PESAKIT KANSER extends care, comfort, consolation and compassion to all cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families.

2. What type of assistance does PENYAYANG PESAKIT KANSER offer?

PENYAYANG PESAKIT KANSER sources and sells items for the use of cancer patients at subsidized rates.

3. What are the other Support and Services Available?

Other support and services include Positive Image Centres, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Provision of Chemopots, Peer Support, Cancer Support Group and a hospitality corner for patients at Institut Kanser Negara.

4. Is Positive Image Centre available in most hospitals?

Positive Image Centres are available in Hospital Putrajaya and Institut Kanser Negara. It is also available in Seri Kembangan commercial area.

5. How is Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia related to Penyayang Pesakit Kanser ?

Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia, under its focus on Health, initiated and supports the development of Penyayang Pesakit Kanser.